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Exploring electrical energy sources, nuclear technology, atomic theory, personification of weaponry and the sexuality of war, ignited a keen interest in the physical, energetic and mental ramifications of invisible threats on the body.

Soft Targets Soft Targets Soft Targets Soft Targets

Choreography and performance - Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal and Amelia Mc Queen
Sound artist and performance - Bilwa Costa
Costume pieces - Chantal Kirby, Susan Dimasi and Sonia Hardie

Soft Targets Soft Targets

Soft Targets Presented by The Substation in partnership with Kath Papas
Intimate Exposure Creative producer - Kath Papas
Assistant producer - Lucy Forge
Lighting and production - Bluebottle
Video documentation by Cobie Orger

Video preview of Soft Targets
Soft Targets Soft Targets

Short & Sweet Dance Canberra (2010) - Soft Targets wins Outstanding Choreography Award

“I was considering my reaction to the Soft Targets section that involves extreme tension in the body and face. Well I think the audience's little giggles are actually their own bodies physical reaction to something that is quite powerful and physically threatening, in the sense that it totally threatens a person’s sense of bodily appropriateness. As they become aware of a sense of disturbance that they can't articulate they become confronted by the shock of their own laughing. So they are responding to both an external and internal invisible physical threat.” Vivienne Rogis

Intimate Exposure Flyer

Video preview of Intimate Exposure

Thanks to Kath Papas; Newport Substation; Greg Dyson, Emma Strapps and Ben Rogen at Victoria University Solo Performance Residency; Jan Ritsema at Performing Artists Forum. William Bilwa Costa’s participation supported by the Foundation for the Contemporary Arts (USA).

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