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Director Elizabeth Cameron Dalman

Mirramu Dance Company is an Australian contemporary dance company working in inter-disciplinary arts and cross-cultural contexts regularly presenting performances in both traditional theatres and alternative venues.

Morning Star Morning Star

Mirror Image (2014) with Dancecology (Taiwan) and DPAC Dance Company (Malaysia) - ANU Theatre
Disapearance (2014) with Dancecology and DPAC Dance Company - Weerewa Festival (Lake George)
Morning Star (2013) with Albert David & Yolngu artists from Yirrkala – National Gallery Australia
Sapling to Silver (2011) – Canberra Street Theatre
River (2009) - Canberra Street Theatre
Cry Baby (2007) - Multi-cultural Arts Festival Canberra
Bride of the Desert (2010) – Taipei Dance Festival, Taiwan
Bride of the Desert (2005) - Golden Grove Arts Centre, Adelaide
Waves of the Desert (2004) - Multi-cultural Arts Festival Canberra
Red Sun Red Earth (2003) - Ananguku Cultural Aboriginal Foundation Pitjantjatjara Lands, SA
Silk Lake (2002) - Weereewa (Lake George) and Street Theatre Canberra

“Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal glowed with infectious energy, moving with nonchalant ease and exuding pleasure and sensuality from every pore – her strong technique a mere vehicle for her expressive power.” Margaret Jolley, Dance Australia Magazine, April/May 2007


Morning Star - Weereewa Morning Star - Weereewa

During winter 2012 I travelled to Yirrkala with Mirramu Dance Company to begin in the creation of The Morning Star, with Aboriginal artists, Albert David, Banula Marika, Nakulma, Dkjakapurra and Janet Munyarryun.

Morning Star - Mirramu Creative Arts Centre Morning Star - Mirramu Creative Arts Centre

This dance life adventure changed my understandings of reality and took me to heaven on earth (Widdiyana). I was adopted by the Marika Family and given the name Murukun (Morning Glory flower). My moiety is Dua, my skin name is Galien and my clan is Rindatjingu.

Morning Star - NGA Morning Star - NGA

Morning Star premiered at the National Gallery of Art, Canberra Australia (February/March 2013)

Morning Star - NGA Morning Star  Yirrkala

Canberra 100 program

Michelle Potter review of The Morning Star

Morning Star Flyer


Mirror Image Mirror Image

Nature is like a mirror that reflects our people and land.

Mirror Image was concieved of and created in the natural Australian landscapes of Mirramu Creative Arts Centre and premiered at the ANU Theatre in Canberra. The core idea for the co-choreography between the creatives of Mirramu, Dancecology and DPAC Dance Companies is to find reflection from Nature to humankind.

Dancecology’s works combine performance and visual art to break the restrictions of stage and present the unique atmosphere of environmental theatre based on the ecological concepts 'circulation' and 'symbiosis'.
Dancecology website

Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) is uniquely dedicated to broaden and raise dance standards in Malaysia through the organising of quality educational programmes and presenting quality programs from both local and international performers.
DPAC Dance Company website


Disappearance Disappearance

Inspired by the vastness of Weereewa (Lake George), the mysteriousness of its atmosphere and personality, with its changing moods and colours, the dancers from Mirramu Dance Company in collaboration with Jyh Shyong Wong (DPAC Dance Company, Malaysia) and Dancecology (Taiwan) created this work to celebrate the Lake's powerful presence and influence. The audience are invited to enjoy the experience of being on the lakebed during the special 'golden hour' time of the day and become transported into other worlds.

Performance - Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Jyh Shyong Wong, Hsiao-yin Peng, Yi-ching Chen, Fu-rong Chen, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Janine Proost, Ruby Dolman


Bride of the Desert Bride of the Desert
Bride of the Desert Flyer


Jade Dewi & Elizabeth Cameron Dalman 40th ADT  Anniversary 2005 40th ADT  Anniversary 2005

SILK LAKE (2002)

Silk Lake

Mirramu Dance Company website

Mirramu Dance Company photography: Andreas Dalman, Barbie Robinson, Rarriwuy Hick

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