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The experience of the solid and stable world is sustained by our encounter with the evident perceptions and sensations of other bodily entities.

Metamorph Metamorph Metamorph Metamorph

Solo choreography and performance by Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal
Live cello music accompaniment by Benjamin Skepper

Dreaming, awakening and remembering personal memories and imagination surrounding 'women's business'- ‘the power of the female body to creative human life’, ‘gathering for survival’ and ‘grieving for loss of home'.

"The earth is like my skin. It is a realm where all the elements meet to inform each other, filter or explode. If I want earth to enter my body the gateway is my mouth and it can live in my stomach. Water is the blood, marrow and fluids of my body. If I want water to enter me the doorway is my eyes and it can live in my spleen. Wind is like my hollow bones. If I allow wind to enter me it is through my nose and it lives in my bones. Fire is like the electric pulses in my muscles. Fire can enter through my ears and lives in my gall."

Video preview of Metamorph

Metamorph photography: Marika Niken Tyas Tunggal and Simon Williams

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