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Between us: Connections within and beyond the independent dance sector - Panel during 2013 AUSDANCE NATIONAL DANCE FORUM. Chair: Brian Lucas | Speakers: Byron Perry, Kristina Chan, Sam Chester, Paea Leach & Jo Pollitt, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Martin del Amo
Slow Dances for Fast Times (2013)
- Sydney Carriage Works, Australia




“Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal hits the spot delightfully in her slow vamp to a Spanish pop lament.”
Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald, March 8 2013

Slow Dances for Fast Times Slow Dances for Fast Times
Slow Dances for Fast Times Orphee et Eurydice

Victorian Opera
Director Richard Gill
Orphee et Euridice (2007)
Director Stephen Page
- Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne, Australia

Orphee et Eurydice

Chunky Move Dance Company
Director Gideon Obarzenek
Singularity (2005-2006) - North Melbourne Town Hall, Australia

Jon Rose & Robin Fox
Sphere (2007) - Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australia

Jason Pitt
Monkey Bird (2010) - Bundanon Residency, Sydney Performance Space Nighttime #7
Blueprint (2004) – Australian Dance Awards, Sydney Opera House
Loss of Self (2003) - National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association
Scars (2002) – Performance Space Sydney, Redfern
Scars (2001) – Australian Choreographic Centre, Canberra

Antony Hamilton
Intersection (2010) - Creative development at Napier Street Melbourne, Australia

Vivienne Rogis
Soft on the Inside (2006) - Canberra Street Theatre, Australia
Liquid Centre (2003) – Canberra Theatre, Australia
The Looking Glass (2002) – Australian Choreographic Centre

The Looking Glass The Looking Glass The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

Bernadette Warlong & Micheal Hennessy
The Seed (2000) - Northern Rivers Performing Arts, NSW Regional Tour (2002), Australia

Houlihan and Dancers Company
Director Gerri Houlihan
Heart (1998-1999)
Dust and Shadows (1998-1999)
Gambol (1998-1999) - Colony Theatre, South Beach Miami, USA

Sandra Kaufman
Martha Graham Dancers Company (2000) - La Guardia Performing Arts and 92nd St Y, New York City, USA

Ronald K Brown
Bates Dance Festival Gala (1999) - Maine, USA

Bebe Miller
Drummin (1998) Lincoln Theatre, South Beach Miami, USA

Ana Vitoria
Valises (1998) - Brazilia Brazil Florida Dance Festival, Miami, USA

Sophie Maslow
New World School of the Arts Showcase (1997) - Miami, USA

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