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A nurturing dance environment where students actively learn through movement -
  • Discipline, respect, dignity, elegance
  • Creativity, composition, memorisation, rhythmic timing and self expression
  • Good health, co-ordination, balance, strength, flexibility, agility, stamina, self esteem
  • Responsibility, leadership, teamwork and a sense of achievement

Organic Ballet, Contemporary Modern, Jazz Funk Physics, Movement Meditation Improvisation,
Authentic Movement Improvisation, Body Percussion, Breath Surf Stretch, Javanese & Balinese Dance


While using traditional ballet technique and terminology, this class will also stress natural, healthy placement of the body, musicality, flow, and artistry.
Ballet barre will be standard and progress to the center, then moving across floor combinations that build both virtuosity of movement technique and creative self-expression.
Classical and modern movement as well as new choreographic ideas will be part of every class. Attention to working with challenging rhythms in order to build strong musicality will be stressed.


Contemporary dance grounds dancing in the weighted earthiness and gestural richness of modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that departs from classical dance techniques. Characterised by its versatility, contemporary can be danced to almost any style of music, or united with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. The ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance technique allows dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.


In this class dancers will unearth a grounded and direct approach to movement. Focusing on the weight and volume inside the body and its relationship to the floor movement exercises will bring awareness to the skull, sternum and pelvis. Developing the ability to feel a quality of release in the limbs from those places of support, the class will prepare an articulate and alert body that is ready for both intricate coordination and falling or suspending off centre.


This is an energetic and fun class that incorporates a fusion of styles; jazz, pop, funk, African and lyrical modern. Classes will begin with warm up, which includes stretching, body strengthening, and learning basic jazz techniques. Class finishes with a funky piece of choreography that includes unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. This routing is a mix of Jazz basics fused with influences from other dance genres to showcase individual style and creativity.


This movement art class explores movement from the foundation of KIRYUHO* infinite spirals to develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and improve concentration. The graceful, slow speed of the movement, coupled with an emphasis on deep breathing and mental focus, creates balance, flexibility and calmness, which relieves tension and leaves participants refreshed and relaxed.

The basics of KIRYUHO are:
Ki : Energy (fundamental life phenomena)
Ryu : Flow (process of discovering hidden Ki structure)
Ho : Dharma (movement in harmony with essential order)
*KIRYUHO contemporary Japanese martial arts


Authentic Movement is a body centered practice that fosters, deep listening, moving from the inside out, the integration of mind, body and spirit, and the unfolding of stories that need to be told.
Authentic Movement also helps develop a sense of presence, self knowledge, the ability to accept support, build a non-judgmental attitude of self and others, and foster connections built on appreciation and compassion. This practice is also a wonderful source of creativity and art making.


This dance class will explore the sound of bodily movements, voice and vibration. Physically experience pulse, rhythm and physical relationships to space, form, quantity and substance in time the class will utilize sounds and rhythms to help students better understand the nuances of dance movement.


This integrated stretch class includes yoga, dance and surfing stretching techniques done to great music! Class flows at a slow, consistent pace, and students work on their own. Stretch is not geared specifically to dancers, but good for all!


Java and Bali are two neigbouring islands in the Indoneisan archepelago. Learn about the similarities and differences in the movement gestures, musicality, narratives and performance context of 'Refined Female', 'Refined Male' and 'Strong Male' dance techniques. Go to Indo Arts for more information.

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