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COMPOST (2010)

Survive what we have been given Ė donít force things out of their skin.

Compost Compost Compost Compost

Solo choreography and performance - Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal
Sound artist - Bilwa Costa
Costume - Chantal Kirby, Susan Dimasi

Compost Compost Compost Compost

Compost was presented within the Soft Targets project.
Created during residency at Performing Arts Forum (PAF) in St Erme, France.

I arrived at PAF from intensive art and life research in Iceland and Holland. Settling after many wonderful and sublime adventures, I had plenty of time and space to creatively process an abundance of agitating observations about European post-colonial 'civilisation'. I was inspired to work in both the haunted rooms of the old convent, the communal kitchen and also the sun-filled orchard.

Hundreds of delicious pears and apples lay rotting on the ground whilst I experimented with the weight, momentum, risk, surprise and flow of throwing, catching and juggling imported Australian oranges. My time in performance was spent consolidating the poetic movement language of re-imagining my fucund French experience.

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