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Life is living in time and time is cruel if you are not in it!

During Julyen Hamilton’s Instant Composition workshop at Arlequi (located near Banyoles - Catalunya, Spain) we focused on noticing ‘when’ things happen, to allow meaning to occur. I trained my perception of a pulse, to experience ‘now’ness and to practice pre-sensing ‘now’. Making conscious decisions about which area of time – past, present or future – my intentions are in helped develop my ability for my mind to come out through my body. ‘WHEN’ became the theme for which I perceived my mind making sense of things.

Arlequi Arlequi

Sensing my dancing as contrast to believing it
Dance as activity – energy and attention
Different to dance as obedience to an overarching harmonic or rhythmic order
Technique – Mechanics – anatomy – pulse, rhythm, tone
Soul – confidence in self – going into the ‘I ‘of subjectivity to perceive ‘appreciation’
Spirit – ‘vision’ – lifting my mind, hovering and floating
Urgency - physiological changes in the skin
Singularity - no choice, not choosing
No checking - going into things

Arlequi Arlequi

Simplicity – imbuing a state of grace in the ordinary, there is inherent lightness and pertinence
Tiny details – simple ingredients, always evolving, nothing is independently complete
Simple evolving organization - the complex richness of things is in the transformation.

Notice things that seem natural and then unnatural again
No preparation, no transition, no suspension
Don’t wait – participate.

What is the question?
Scratching my movement into time – being touched by the movement and the feeling within the action
Living in time - Watching the life of what I am making

Arlequi Arlequi

Next move comes out of the previous choreography, through the chest, the pelvis, out through the walls and skin of what I am doing.
Using practice of being aware of pulse and how I am dancing through time in relation to the pulse/beat will assist in realizing the best thing, rather than new choreography!

Get back into doing choreography that I am found in
Looking at the subtext and sub – rhythms to place my choreography in a good position

What choices do I make in my own life?
How does this inform my choreographic choices? (journal entry. 14/9/10)

Arlequi Arlequi

Arlequi Centre for Dance and Theatre

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Arlequi photography: Patrick Beelaert

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