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6/7 EMPTY (2008)

6/7 Empty is a tale of lust, alienation, disempowerment, destruction, fate, destiny and judgment. Inspired by being in solitude, dancing in nature and imagining ceremonial dance traditions, the solo dancer portrays a lost and abandoned 'seventh sister' searching for her community and a sense of belonging.

6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty

Concept, choreography, sound, A/V and solo dance performance – Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal
Lighting design and live operation - Paula van Beek
Costume design - Chantal Kirby and Susan Dimasi
Audio architecture – Simon Williams
Contributing composers - Rene Lesloff, Wilson Nelson
Graphic design - Marika Niken Tyas Tunggal

6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty

The creative process included observing the visible stars of the Pleiades constellation, researching Seven Sisters songlines (core research began in Pitjantjara Lands of Central Australia) and reasoning that nearly every molecule in our bodies and all we see, touch, breathe and smell are made of the same chemical matter as expired stars. This modern scientific contribution to an explanation of human presence in the universe complements the many universal Pleaides stories that imply the Seven Sisters are real entities, extraterrestrial beings and our human ancestors from the stars.

6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty

6/7 Empty's music composition encompasses electronic renderings of traditional Javanese gamelan rhythm and tonal structures to connect my personal heritage with the heartbeat and transforming pulse in the lost Seventh Sister’s journey. The sonic landscape conveys natural elements by interweaving sound samples of distorted wind noise, crashing waves, birdsong and stormy ‘battles’ - having symbolic Pleaidian significance for our human connection with the stars.

6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty

Northern Rivers Performing Arts, Lismore
Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
Studio 45, Melbourne
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Original Master of Choreography production
Thesis Life and Dance are One and the Same in Solo Performance Making
Awarded High Distinction - University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts Faculty (2009)

This is Like This - World Dance Alliance Global Summit Asia Pacific (2008)

Australian tour produced by Kultour (2011)

Video preview of 6/7 Empty

6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty 6/7 Empty


6/7 Empty choreographic content commenced during my embodied dance improvisation research in the majestic and unique terrain of coastal ecosystems in Bundjalung and Yuraygir National Parks NSW Australia.

Studio practices included extracted recollections of experiencing connection with natural phenomenon as healing to transform my anxiety and sorrow about human corruption into sinuous physical expression. Eventually during rehearsals the story of the lost Seventh Sister emerged and echoes a personal journey of searching for belonging in a disruptive, fluxes and blurry world where the experience of alienation dominates intimacy.

Many different cultures give the seven sisters unique names. In ancient Hellenic mythology they are the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione and are named the Pleiades. Two examples of Aboriginal Australian mythic names include Kungkarangkalpa in Central Desert Pitjantjatjara Lands and Mai Mai in Bundjalung Country in Northern Rivers NSW. Other names include:
  • Mateo Tipi – seven star girls of Devils Tower – North American Indian
  • Krittika – seven wives of the seven Rishis – Hindu India
  • Athurai – seven cows of ancient Egypt
  • Makara – wives of stars in the Orion constellation – Adnyamathanha tribe
  • Subaru – the story of the lost seventh sister – Japan
  • Matariki – little eyes of Heaven – New Zealand, Aotearoa signals Pacific New Year

Appearances of the Pleaides constellation synchronize with the time of the solstice. In many cultures of the world this is celebrated with a festival of light or lanterns, such as Diwali, the Indian Feast of Lamps festival or the Japanese Lantern Festival.

Values of seven influence our understanding of reality. Adding together values of opposite sides of a dice always equals seven! There are 7 days of the week, 7 days of creation, 7 chakras of the body, 7 deadly sins, 7 heavens, 7 seas, 7 stages of grieving, 7 musical tones.

The Pythagorean Harmony of Spheres can cause changes to physical environment and spiritual consciousness - completeness, perfection, safety, security, rest, plenty and reintegration.

The Rainbow Serpent (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) personifies the entire natural unforgiving, dangerous and yet life giving forces.

6/7 Empty photography: Marika Niken Tyas Tunggal, Paula van Beek and Nahrayan Feildman

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